List Perfect is dedicated to providing the most accurate targeted databases

Our databases are telephonically cleaned in their entirety every month, unsurpassed accuracy

List Perfect has 25+ years of being THE trusted database provider to the media, advertising and marketing industry

List Perfect is the founding company of the marketing and media database concept in SA

List Perfect is committed to building lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients

Databases at a fraction of in-house cost to company,
no wasted time, manpower or research

Why we do what we do

The media and marketing industry have a common goal, to attract advertising and promote their brands.

At list perfect we believe in providing the most accurate list of marketing contacts

We are dedicated to building lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. That’s why our list is telephonically cleaned every month, in full, so it remains niche, accurate, clean, and up to date.

With List Perfect on board there is no waste of your time, resources and manpower in researching the who’s who in this industry.

We focus on one discipline and our focus is targeted and precise.

A Brief History

List Perfect has 25+ years of being the trusted database providers to the media, advertising and marketing industry in South Africa.

List Perfect started out in the '80s identifying a need for lists of corporate marketers and advertising agency personnel. Today we're a turnkey database that provides contact and company information for varied business development.

List Perfect's talented researchers have been driving accuracy since inception. Our ‘newest’ staff member has been with us for 17 years, unparalleled long service speaks for itself in expertise.

We have raised the bar for lead generation and are committed to providing the best products, methodologies, and best practices to those responsible for new business development, sales and partnerships.

If you are interested in a no obligation demonstration (JHB) or a more comprehensive breakdown I would love to hear from you. Unlimited on site users, training on utilisation of contract packages at no additional cost (JHB).

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