List Perfect is dedicated to providing the most accurate targeted databases

Our databases are telephonically cleaned in their entirety every month, unsurpassed accuracy

List Perfect has 25+ years of being THE trusted database provider to the media, advertising and marketing industry

List Perfect is the founding company of the marketing and media database concept in SA

List Perfect is committed to building lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients

Databases at a fraction of in-house cost to company,
no wasted time, manpower or research

Our Clients

When you're evaluating business development resources, you know it's not just about the number of contacts you'll have access to but the quality of those contacts. Better yet, The List is a turnkey prospecting and lead generation resource that provides the company and brand insights you need to make a connection and create an opportunity. If you want to know the key players in the advertising, marketing and media world, we either have them or can find them for you.

Our Clients

  • Media Owners :
    • Magazines,
    • Newspapers,
    • Radio,
    • TV,
    • Outdoor Media,
    • Print Media
  • The DMA of SA
  • Corporates
  • Public Relations
  • New Brand and Product launches
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Sponsorships
  • Conference & Training
  • Business Development
  • Research Houses
  • Voucher Copy database maintenance and services
  • Press Release


Our satisfied clients

our clients