List Perfect is dedicated to providing the most accurate targeted databases

Our databases are telephonically cleaned in their entirety every month, unsurpassed accuracy

List Perfect has 25+ years of being THE trusted database provider to the media, advertising and marketing industry

List Perfect is the founding company of the marketing and media database concept in SA

List Perfect is committed to building lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients

Databases at a fraction of in-house cost to company,
no wasted time, manpower or research

Reader's Digest

It has been my privilege to have used "List Perfect" for more years than I can remember. I know that few can equal their understanding of, or their passion for our industry.

- As a regular user of "List Perfect", knowing the volatility of the industry, I cannot imagine anyone being able to provide a more up-to-date and user friendly list. There is, in my mind no better list of its kind in the country and my team use it constantly in prospecting and managing their sales task.

- Nixies? There will always be nixies in an industry like ours but the level is very low. Our monthly voucher mailing of about 3000 names has no more than 10 nixies a month.

- The degree of detail, including street addresses, e-mail addresses, birthdays etc. perfectly meets our need as a sales team. Furthermore the Link List tie up of products and brands to agency is a unique and invaluable tool.

John Annandale (Advertisement Director)

Reader's Digest

Brands & Branding

One of the toughest challenges anyone can take on is to maintain databases of advertising and marketing people, who for one reason or another are very mobile.

My advice is don't try. Why bother when List Perfect will do a far better job, as they have for us for over 12 years. While we have enjoyed the peace of mind knowing we are not wasting our time with inaccurate data. Perfect.

Ken Preston
Publisher, Brands & Branding in South Africa

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